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Arlington Roofs at risk for Thermal Shock


In Arlington roof repair is a specialized service requiring experience, skill and technical know-how.  Not all roofs, or roofing contractors are equal.  The best roofing contractor in Hoboken, New Jersey would be a third string rookie here in North Texas.

Your roof can work against you if your roofing contractor doesn’t help you select a type appropriate for your home, and your climate.

Asphalt roofs are popular.  They’re low maintenance, inexpensive, and, if properly maintained, retain their good looks for a very long time.  But if you live in Arlington, and you have an asphalt roof, unless it’s expertly applied, you could be risking Thermal Shock.

Dallas is nationally recognized for having some of the toughest climate fluctuations.  Thermal Shock occurs when different parts of your roof heat or cool quickly, causing the roof to expand and contract more–and faster or slower–in some places than it does in others.  And fluctuating weather, especially the wildly fluctuating weather we endure in North Texas each year contributes to Thermal shock.

Do you prefer a scientists’ take? The folks at Corrosionpedia say:

Thermal shock is a variation in temperature which causes tension in a material. It frequently causes breakage in the material, and is most common in brittle materials such as ceramics.

This is a process that takes place abruptly when there is a sudden variation of temperature, either from hot to cold or vice-versa. It is most common in materials that are structurally weak as well as those which offer a poor heat conductivity.

Thermal shock can cause warping, and cracking, and these can lead to leaks. Thermal shock can also increase your risk of ice damming.

Did I already mention that Dallas has some of the greatest temperature variations of any major city in the country?

One of the selling points for asphalt shingles is low heat conductivity. That is what you want from your roof. You don’t want your roof to absorb too much of that Texas sun store it and radiate that heat into your house. You also don’t want your roof leaking the precious heat you are desperate to keep inside in the winter months.

So that desirable property, that low heat conductivity,can and will work against you, if your roofing contractor isn’t knowledgeable about all the factors that go into ensuring a successful Arlington roof repair.

That New Jersey know-it-all may be an expert up yonder, but his ignorance of local weather could very well leave you vulnerable to our tough Texas weather.

The median price for homes in Arlington is $129,200.  Property values are on the upswing, and winter is a’coming.  Perfect time to check your home’s most important structure for damage.  Especially since Arlington roofs are generally at greater risk for thermal shock.  But you don’t want to trust that substantial investment to trust to just anyone.

There’s a lot of competition for roofing services in Dallas.  Lots of companies offering the township of Arlington roof repair services.  Not every Arlington roof repair contractor understands the local weather.

Lucky for you, your neighborhood Austin & Dallas certified roofers at Accent Roofing will come out to your premises and inspect your roof for free.  If asphalt roofing can be safely applied to your home we’re the ones you want doing it.

Oh yeah.  That’s right, I said we’ll come out and professionally assess your roof for the guaranteed price of Zero dollars.

Safety, security, and free.  Lives or roofs don’t get any less stressful than that.


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