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Austin Roofing Contractors: What You Should Know for Tile Roof Maintenance

In the Southwest, it is important that building materials can stand up to the heat and weather of the desert. It goes without saying that maintaining a proper roof is part of your home’s overall wellness and beauty. Austin roofing contractors should know how to replace and install high quality roofing as well as how to maintain them.

Tile roofing is an excellent option for homes in the Austin area. They are aesthetically pleasing and most tile roofing will last for close to a century. In fact, it is rare to have large scale problems with tile roofing unless the tiles were installed incorrectly or the tiles were low quality to begin with. Austin roofing contractors should be able to point you towards materials and supplies that will outlast a beating from Mother Nature.

Tile roofing is expensive to install because the materials are so heavy but because of their extensive lifecycle, tile roofing is cost-effective over time. A bonus: moss and algae won’t eat through tile roofing very quickly (unlike its wood shake counterparts). Most repairs and maintenance come down to two common problems: debris build-up and cracked tiling.

Debris Build-Up

No matter what type of roof you maintain, it is important to keep overhanging trees cut back to reduce shade and fallen debris. Unfortunately, most Austin roofing contractors don’t offer landscaping as a secondary service. However, foliage build-up can develop moss and algae over time. To inhibit moss growth, most contractors will fit a copper wire net to the ridgeline. Any water that rolls over the copper will reduce the amount of moss growth below it. However, if you collect rainwater for drinking, this method is not for you!

If you let moss and other debris build up in between the slots of the tiles, water will back up under the tiles making it difficult to determine the source of a leak. Valley sections of a roof are particularly prone to leaks that run horizontally to the long strips of wood that hold the tiles in place. If you have a valley on your roof it is important to clean that section out every year. Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean off moss and algae and should not break up your tiles.

Broken or Cracked Tiles

Tiles can break for a variety of reasons. Often damaged tiles are a result of extreme weather conditions such as high winds or large hail. Tiles can also break due to improper installation or from being walked on. It is extremely important to find an austin roofing contractor who will install your roof properly! It will literally save you money

If you have to work on your own roof, work on planks or a roof ladder. You will break the tiles if you try to directly walk on them. If your roof starts dropping tiles for no apparent reason, they might have been installed using cheap galvanized nails instead of their copper or stainless steel counterparts. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this problem is to reinstall the roofing using the proper materials.

In some cases, tiles can be repaired using a silicon adhesive. To replace a tile, simply pry up the tile just above the broken one. Break the damaged tile into small pieces for removal. Pry out the nails and spread a small amount of roofing cement along the underside of the replacement tile. Slide it back into place and press the tile down tightly.

As a last note, some homeowners find that they need metal flashing repair. Often, you can lift the tiles just around the flashings and replace them without having to break the original tile.

Austin roofing contractors should know how to properly install a tile roof and should be forthcoming about important roofing maintenance. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a roofer, TLC is needed if you want to maintain your beautiful and functional home.

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