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August 2014 Category

Gutters: Still A Necessary Roofing Supply in Austin TX

When most people think about their roof, they rarely look at their gutters. In Austin, it can be easy to forget about the need for rain related roofing materials. But gutters are necessary roofing supplies in Austin TX. It is also essential that you keep up with the maintenance of your gutters to prevent blockages [Read more…]

Roofing Leaks in the Austin, Fort Worth and Beyond

You are not exempt from roof leaks just because you live in the desert! There are many reasons that homes based in Austin Fort Worth area might have a leak. Most likely, it was due to weather or wind damage caused to the flashing surrounding the roof, your chimney, or surrounding your air vents. In [Read more…]

Educated Roofing Systems: The Best Choices for Austin Texas

Your house is in need of repair and, from the looks of it, your roof is going to expect a little tender love and care. Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for decades, it is easy to get lost in the lingo and modern jargon that evolves in the [Read more…]

Taking Care of Your Asphalt Shingle Siding

Asphalt shingle siding is commonly found on older buildings but can often last twice as long your standard asphalt shingles that would be nailed to your roof. Before the age of aluminum and vinyl siding, asphalt shingles were considered a reasonable choice when it came it outfitting your home for weather proofing purposes. Asphalt shingle [Read more…]

A Healthy Roof: Asphalt Shingle Repair

There are many reasons, both weather related and otherwise, that might require you to do a little bit of asphalt shingle repair. Repairing your roof in a timely and diligent manner will ensure that you get a full lifecycle out of your initial investment. Your roof repair will depend on what is wrong with the [Read more…]

Felt Roofing In Austin: Protecting Your Investment

Felt roofing seems like a silly concept but it is the most popular roofing material for flat roofs. Often used on housing extensions, such as garages or garden sheds, felt roofing in Austin can be cost-effective for commercial and residential buildings alike. Like other roofing materials, felt roofs must be properly maintained to keep it [Read more…]

Efficient & Effective: Green Metal Roofing in Austin, TX

It is a movement that has caught traction all over the globe and is making phrases such as “energy efficiency” and “environmental sustainability” household buzzwords. It can all seem a little excessive except sustainable materials are becoming more and more accessible as consumers seek greener alternatives to their everyday tools and materials. This has become [Read more…]

The Right Austin Roofing Company: Upgrading Your Home with an Excellent Contractor

There are lots of reasons why homeowners decide to give their roof a little extra tender love and care. Most of the time, necessity, such as a leak, pushes people into making the roofing updates necessary to keep their home up to code and looking beautiful. Although we look at our roof almost every day, [Read more…]

Austin Roofing Contractors: What You Should Know for Tile Roof Maintenance

In the Southwest, it is important that building materials can stand up to the heat and weather of the desert. It goes without saying that maintaining a proper roof is part of your home’s overall wellness and beauty. Austin roofing contractors should know how to replace and install high quality roofing as well as how [Read more…]

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