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How is your Roofer?

You may not think it, but your roofer plays a very important role in keeping you safe and dry. We tend not to take our roofs for granted until trouble hits. And when trouble does hit, just before the thunderstorm seasons hit, you are going to need a good Dallas roofer.

Dallas weather can be extreme with thunderstorms hitting in the Spring and Autumn. A leaky roof can make a few days during a thunderstorm pretty horrendous and if you don’t have a good roofer to call on, then there is a good chance your roof is going to do the same thing the next time a storm hits. But a roofer isn’t just about cleaning up after the mess. Roofers play a critical role from the installation of the right type of roof through to ongoing maintenance, and the repair if there is storm damage or unfortunate vandalism.

If you are designing and building a new house then good advice would be to establish a good relationship with a Dallas roofer. A good roofer will walk you through your options for your new roof whether it is the now popular metal roofs or the traditional wooden or tile roofs. If you are in the design phase, then they will give you your options with regard to roofing structures. You may consider a gabled A frame roof, a Gambrel bell shaped roof or Mansard roof with a flat top. Depending on the style you are wanting for your house, pros and cons of these and other roof types will be explained. A reputable Dallas roofer will also explain your options and the associated tax benefits of having the latest technology in energy efficient roofs installed.

Perhaps you already have a roof and have identified some missing tiles, slipped tiles or metal shingles that have are showing signs of corrosion. It is equally important to identify a good roofer who has done good work in the neighborhood or can be recommended by family and friends. A good roofer will have some years of experience and have built up a reputation of quality work and value for money. In addition a good Dallas roofer will be backed up with administration staff that can file insurance claims on your behalf if the damage is storm or vandalism related and not due to neglect.

Maybe it is just general maintenance that you need. A roofer to double check your roof is up to handling high winds, heavy rain and the odd hail storm. Again reputation should play a role in your choice. Don’t just go for the roofer that comes in 30% below everybody else. There is a good chance that not much attention will be paid to your roof and the maintenance will come with inferior quality parts.

If you are in the slightest bit concerned with the upcoming autumn thunders storms, then establish who the good Dallas roofers are and make contact. A good roofer will do a free inspection and advise on what you may need to repair or what to look out for as your roof ages. Establishing a good relationship now could save you from emergency call outs in the future and a night or two of cold wet weather coming through the roof.

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