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Dallas Roofing Companies better know their Weather


The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are at least 1800 Dallas roofing companies.  But you don’t want to trust the most important structure on your house to just any old roofing company do you? You want– no you need–someone certified, professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and capable.

What you need is a roofing contractor that knows the type of roofing system appropriate for this area.  Accent Roofing has been in Texas for years and years. We started in Austin, and expanded into the DFW Metro. We have over 35 years roofing experience. We service both commercial and residential properties. And we have a long, long list of satisfied customers we’d be happy to share with you.

And we know that climate plays a big part in what types of roofs are appropriate for Dallas/Fort Worth.

On average, a Dallas roof spends 26 nights out of every year at or below freezing. Dallas only gets about 1.3 inches of snow each year, but we sure make up for it with freezing rain.

Wikipedia says Dallas has the most extreme fluctuations and varied weather of every major city on both coasts.

That’s a lot of stress on a roof.

Most professionals will tell you that a good roof should last 20 to 30 years. Those roofs don’t live in Dallas, Texas. 15 is a more realistic margin with the extreme fluctuations we have to deal with.

We consistently rank among the hottest places in the US in the winter, and we’re no stranger to cold weather in the winter. We don’t have the coldest winter temperatures, but what makes our weather incredibly stressful on roofs is the extreme temperature fluctuations.

We also get about 81 days with some sort of water falling from the sky.

And even though we’re not, Dallas sure feels like the hail capital of the country. (That dubious honor goes to Cheyenne, Wyoming). Enjoy that Wyoming, that’s about the only time you’ll ever beat Texas at anything.

Oh, and I didn’t mention tornadoes, or the salty Gulf air, or thunderstorms, or concrete factory pollution or . .. Well you get the drift.

Slate and tile roofs are beautiful, they’re stately, but not every structure can handle the massive weight of these types of roofs. And while we don’t get a whole lot of snowfall, the extra weight from ice buildup can do serious damage to a structure. And we do get that freezing rain every year.

Also, do you live in an area prone to snow fall? Some places right here in Texas get more snow than others. Metal roofs work better if you are in a snow prone area.

Your roofer should know that.  Why?

Metal roofs displace snow faster (if installed correctly and professionally), and protect you from ice damming. Ice damming is when ice and snow jams up against the eaves–damaging your roof and forcing leaks and water inside your house.

And if you’re constantly threatened with forest (or other) fires (Scenic Brook, I’m looking at you. You too Bastrop County.) as much as you may want wood or asphalt shingles; you’d probably be better off getting something else.

So to summarize: Not all Dallas roofing companies are created equal.

You are going to need a Dallas roofing company that’s familiar with the vagaries of our local weather. A company that’s knowledgeable about the type of roof best suited for your own personal circumstance and our tough, terrible climate. Almost like you need a roof whisperer. That has a good ring to it don’t it? Roof whisperer.

And you also need a Dallas roofing company that’s bright as that building downtown.

Well, alright, you don’t really need that. But you’ll sure feel bright after we save you a little green.

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