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Flat Roofing: An Easy Option in Austin TX


Flat roofing is not just for commercial buildings! In fact, flat roofing in Austin TX can be found on all sorts of buildings and homes. While each roof is matched to other elements of the building, such as the design, use, and particular environment, installation is still key when updating such an essential feature of your particular building.

The performance and lifecycle of your building is dependent on the selected materials you use and the skill in which they are put into place. Different types of flat roofing is advisable for different types of climate. For example, flat roofs that are installed in warmer climates where rainfall is small and freezing is almost non-existent would be better in service if installed on top of masonry or concrete which will be good at keeping out the heat of the sun. Flat roofing is also an excellent option for places where timber is not always available.

Here are three explanations of flat roofing in Austin TX:

Built-up Roof: This is a traditional roof made with hot tar and gravel. The roof is essentially constructed from three or more piles of waterproof materials that are then alternated with hot tar. After the process is complete, the entire roof is ballasted by a layer of smooth river stone. Many recent modern constructions use materials such as fiberglass membranes. Gravel used in flat roofing is an excellent fire retardant and can keep your building up to code.

Modified Bitumen: Flat roofing constructed in this style is basically a single-ply rolled roof that looks a lot like an ice and water shield. This material is coated with a mineral-based wear surface. To put down this roofing, contractors will head the adhesive while the material is being unrolled. There are also new “peel and stick” systems that make the job easy and safe. This sort of material can be bought and installed by homeowners. It is usually light in color and will reflect the head and hence lower your energy bills.

Rubber Membrane: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is essentially a true rubber. This material is extremely durable and looks slightly like an inner tube. However, it has been engineered with resist any sort of sunlight-related damage. EPDM can also be fastened in or anchored with traditional fasteners, ballasted with stone, or glued. The material is relatively lightweight and it very resistant to scuffs or tears. If your rubber membrane where to leak, it is easy to fix using a patch of the same material.

Many homeowners in the Austin area choose a flat roof because it provides a cost-effective solution that also allows the roof to be used for other purposes. If you are looking at an easy roofing style and have the liberty of building the house of your dreams, talk to your contractor about the reality of a flat, modern-looking roof.

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