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Different Types of Metal Roofs, What Are My Options?

With the rising cost of composition shingles, metal roofs are becoming a very viable option. If you drive around your neighborhood and visually inspect the different types of roofs, you may find that asphalt shingles dominate and metal roofs are far and few in between unless you are in a predominant area where metal roofs, especially Standing Seam metal roofs are a common roof. The basic step to longevity of your metal roof is what materials are used for a proper installation. Choose a metal roofer that understands the cost and importance of installation to insure that you will have a roof that will last for many years and lessen your worries. A roofer who caters to the Austin or Dallas-Fort Worth Texas areas can help you decide what is right for you based on your needs and expectations. Samples of the different types of metal roofing systems should be available for you to touch, feel and see the different textures as well as colors and styles. A metal roof is lightweight, durable, fire and hail resistant, and most all are Energy Star rated making them very energy efficient.

Of course the best looking and most costly is the standing seam metal room. This refers to a seam that is mechanically hemmed every 12-24 inches, depending on the look that the customer desires. The big advantage is to a standing seam is that there are no exposed fasteners. The clips that are used to attach the panels are hidden with the next panels. Our roofs are available in a variety of colors and gauges (from 22-26 gauge) and come with a warranty that will be in place for several decades.

There are four common metal roof profiles. These metal roof types and styles are considered a more standard variety panel while the standing seam metal panels are a more expensive, more popular and custom made for your roof’s structure. With the wave of technology available their are now a more standard metal panel type which are proving to be not only lower in cost but have an almost identical look and feel. It is always best to speak with your Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth Texas metal roofing contractor or company to help to determine what best fits your needs. Both CF Panel and AP Panel metal types replicate the very popular look of the Standing Seam metal roofs. In a CF panel, the fasteners, bolts and screws are hidden. They feature a unique lock-joint system that provides a smooth, clean look for your roof. CF panels provide long lasting features such as color and style (different widths) to your roof. This is a wonderful choice for new constructions and also other projects where the present roof covering is removed to the decking. CF Panels as well as Standing Seam roofing systems may also be installed over your present asphalt shingles.

An AP panel roof offers the look of standing seam roofs without the cost. You would still get the big benefits such as durability, a clean, smooth appearance and the potential for energy bills savings. AP panels are a good idea for new construction and also other projects where the present roof covering is removed to the decking. The AP panels are designed with a residential structure in mind; however they also work very well with commercial structures, too.

A U-panel is made from 26 gauge commercial grade steel. This is heavier than the more common 29 gauge that is used on metal roofs. These panels can be installed directly onto an existing shingle roof in most cases. This helps to save the customer on time, labor and disposal costs. These panels are also available in many different colors.

An R-Panel is a low-maintenance, durable alternative to conventional roofing. It is an ideal choice for a retro fit over composition shingles. This saves time, labor and disposal costs and will yield a lower total project cost. There is also a range of colors to choose from to get the look you want. Seams and other accessories are not hidden as in the CF panel or AP panel metal roofing systems. Discuss all of these options with your local Austin or Dallas-Fort Worth Texas metal roofing company to understand more about the choices for your roofing project.

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