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How to Review Your Roof and Review your Potential Austin Roofer

Let’s get this out of the way first.  Although Accent Roofing is equally well versed in both repair and replacement, replacement and repair are two different things.

We’re not going to concern ourselves with ordinary roof repair in this post.

What we’d like to do is give you the tools to review and evaluate both the state of your roof, and the roofer you choose.  How to ensure you get a correct first, second, and third impression of all your Austin roofers reviews.  We want to know that you are armed with enough information to review and evaluate the Austin roofing contractor you’re going to entrust the space above your family’s head to.

That said, let’s get to how to review your roof’s condition and determine if you need a new one.

Don’t trust your roof, and your safety to your naked eye.

People on the internet who don’t know better will tell you that a visual inspection is sufficient to review your roof’s condition.  There’s a reason the people who say that aren’t roofing professionals.

Or magicians.

Trust David Copperfield.  He’s been a professional magician just about as long as Accent Roofing has years of professional experience.  David says the hand is faster than the eye.  Just like your eyes miss things at a Copperfield performance that lead to breathtaking entertainment, relying on just your eyesight to inspect your roof will cause you to miss things.  The difference is the results won’t be remotely magical or entertaining.  Eyes focus on the wrong thing, and miss issues a trained professional would catch.

For instance, people on the internet tell you that sagging or leaking is an indication that your roof needs to be replaced.  Sagging by itself is grounds for a repair not a replacement.

Leaks need to be fixed of course, but what’s most important is if the roof underneath you feels “spongy.”

You read that right.  Most of the time, to determine if you need a new roof the roof needs to be beneath you, not above.  Get a certified professional to help.  Don’t climb up there yourself and give your spouse (or your insurance agent) a heart attack.  Accent does free inspections; and is more than willing to let you browse through our reference list of not just satisfied, but happy, customers.

People who don’t know better will also tell you that discoloration or missing tiles or shingles means you need to replace your entire roof.  They list issues like visible tar, patching, or discoloration as signs your roof needs to be replaced.

Wrong again.  These can indicate that your roof needs replacement, but are just as likely to indicate that someone did a good job repairing your roof before. The repair job will age differently from the original structure so discoloration or visible tar is not by itself a good indicator that you need to replace your roof.

Same with missing or chipped tiles or shingles.  Missing pieces, particularly if you have a shingled roof, need to be fixed but don’t require you getting a whole new roof.

There’s more!

But that’s for another post.

After you decide you need a professional assessment, how do you review the roofer?

Reviewing a Roofer in Austin

Roofers are professionals.  They are trained and often certified.  The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas not only does Austin roofers reviews, RCAT “requires that roofing contractors go through a rigorous screening process before they can become certified.”

That being said, in the same way you don’t trust your roof to your naked eye, you don’t trust your roof to your contractor’s sales pitch.

Evaluate past work.  Ask for pictures of previous work.  Straight lines are what you’re looking for.  According to State Farm, a well-laid roof has straight lines all the way up and across the roof.  Anything jagged, or bent, or “untidy” usually means you want to hire someone else.

But that’s the basics.

The best way to review your Austin roofer is to watch him when he comes out to your property.  Does he get up on the roof?  That’s the number one way to know if you are going to get a good job.  You don’t always want to be walking on the roof.  In fact, you want to avoid it when it’s hot, or cold.  But if your contractor doesn’t get up there, whether in the attic, or outside on a ladder you’re probably not going to get a good job.  You’re probably dealing with a salesman and not the contractor, and no matter how slick the sales presentation there’s no guarantee that the contractor’s actual work will be neat and efficient.

Now you can get into all the other methods the internet will tell you about:

  • Price – Don’t Hire the Lowest Bid
  • Contractor’s Familiarity with Materials
  • Contractor’s Familiarity with Building Code

And of course, I’ll go more in depth in a subsequent post.  But for now, you should have enough information to review your roof and determine if needs to be replaced, and to review and evaluate the Austin roofer you choose for a professional opinion.


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